ED34 i10T Video Duodenoscope

The ED34-i10T is the world’s first HD+ Duodenoscope, and it is designed to improve both routine and advanced endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) procedures. The lightweight, ergonomically-designed control body can help minimize hand fatigue during prolonged procedures. The redesigned elevator improves device control, and the new detachable distal-end cap may improve reprocessing efficiency.

Outstanding HD+ image quality

The ED34-i10T duodenoscope features HD+ imaging for enhanced visualization of mucosal detail to help improve accuracy during mucosal assessment. Combined with i-scan image enhancement, the ED34-i10T second-generation HD+ imaging clearly visualizes the mucosa in fine detail and may help physicians locate minor papillae.

Redesigned ergonomic elevator

The ED34-i10T elevator is redesigned to improve stability for better device control, which may facilitate cannulation.

Improved distal-end access for cleaning and reprocessing

The ED34-i10T distal end is newly designed with a detachable cap to provide improved access for cleaning and reprocessing post-procedure.