i10 Series Video Colonoscopes

The i10 lower GI endoscopes incorporate the latest technology in colonoscopy. Second-generation HD+ megapixel resolution imaging provides clear, detailed images, and CloseFocus technology further enhances visualization of mucosal detail. The control body has been ergonomically redesigned to improve control and may reduce hand fatigue. The shorter distal end of the EC34-i10 and TrueTorque design, improve handling even in hard-to-reach anatomy.

Outstanding HD+ megapixel resolution image clarity for improved visualization of mucosal detail

The i10 lower GI endoscopes’ enhanced, second-generation HD+ megapixel resolution imaging sensors provide maximum image clarity for improved visualization. The EC34-i10 utilizes Close Focus technology to enhance mucosal detail in the near field, which may help detect and differentiate subtle lesions.

Optimized ergonomics and user interface

Physicians describe the redesigned i10 control body as a “natural extension of the human hand”. This lightweight, ergonomic design includes a comfortable and intuitive interface that provides precise control and helps minimize hand fatigue during lengthy procedures. When combined with the TrueTorque design of PENTAX Medical insertion technologies, i10 Colonoscopes help physicians reach the cecum quickly and may improve patient comfort.

Expanded therapeutic capabilities

The distal end of the EC34-i10 has been shortened to enhance maneuverability and improve access to hard-to-reach anatomy. In addition, the EC34-i10 offers the best ratio between outer diameter (11.6mm) and instrument channel (3.8 mm), allowing for increased patient comfort while keeping wide therapeutic options open.