70K Series Video Bronchoscopes

PENTAX Medical 70K Series video bronchoscopes offer hospitals and private practices unmatched flexibility and image quality for diagnosis and therapy. These video bronchoscopes are reliable, well-designed, and supported by PENTAX Medical’s convenient customer service and expert technicians.

Image quality

PENTAX Medical’s 70K Series video bronchoscopes deliver large format endoscopic images for effective mucosal evaluations.

Designed for advanced maneuverability

The 70K Series is engineered with tip deflection up to 210° for an unparalleled range of navigation and viewing. The instruments’ cords are up to 180° axially rotatable to prevent looping. Other PENTAX Medical features include ergonomically positioned suction valve and angulation levers, and remote buttons for single-handed operation.

Maximum working comfort

The large, 3.2 mm instrument channel and high suction capacity makes the EB-1970TK perfect for multiple diagnostic and therapeutic tasks, including use with a wide range of instruments. The distal end is insulated for use with electrosurgical devices to provide increased patient safety. The EB-1170K’s slim outer diameter is suitable for diagnostic examinations.