i10 Series Video Gastroscopes

The i10 Series brings the latest high-tech, high-efficiency solutions to routine upper gastrointestinal tract procedures. HD+ megapixel resolution imaging provides detailed, clear images, and Close Focus technology enhances mucosal detail. The EG29-i10 features improved suction and therapeutic access with a new, large 3.2 mm instrument channel and forward water jet. Combined with the improved ergonomic design of the control body and shortened distal-end, the features of i10-Series gastroscopes can help physicians perform procedures efficiently and accurately.

Outstanding HD+ megapixel resolution imaging, improved visualization of mucosal detail

The i10 Series brings enhanced second-generation, HD+ megapixel resolution imaging to upper GI scopes for enhanced clarity and visualization of mucosal detail. The i10 gastroscopes also utilize Close Focus technology to visualize fine mucosal detail in the near field which may help diagnose and treat patients accurately and efficiently.

Optimized ergonomics and user interface

Physicians describe the redesigned i10 control body as a “natural extension of the human hand”. This lightweight, ergonomic design includes a comfortable and intuitive interface for precise control during both routine and complex procedures. This combination of improved ergonomics and precise control may help reduce physician hand fatigue.

Expanded therapeutic capabilities

The shortened distal end of i10 gastroscopes improves access and control during procedures. In the EG29-i10, the increased instrument channel diameter of 3.2 mm improves device access and suction control to enhance therapeutic options. The EG29-i10 includes a standard Water Jet System for clear visualization in a wide range of patients.