EPK-3000 Defina

DEFINA Solution EPK 3000 Video Processor

Enter the world of HD endoscopy with flexible solutions for your clinical practice.

HD endoscopy technology that offers you a choice.

The High-Definition DEFINA EPK-3000 video processor provides a flexible platform that allows you to select the level of technology that meets your clinical and financial needs.


The DEFINA HD solution offers the same high-quality HD imaging to all specialties, whether gastrointestinal, EUS, respiratory or ENT. In addition, you have the choice of whether to include our i-scan image enhancement software, both now and in the future.

If you are planning to upgrade from standard definition to High-Definition endoscopy with a choice to explore the benefits of image enhancement technology, the DEFINA EPK-3000 video processor offers the flexibility to create the optimal endoscopy system for your facility.

The High-Definition DEFINA system offers a high-quality HD image to support the day-to-day diagnostic and therapeutic needs of a modern endoscopic facility.

1. Excellent visualization

Brilliant, High-Definition images with xenon light for a clear and more detailed visualization of the mucosal structures.
Dynamic range expansion provides excellent illumination to improve far-field visualization.

2. Flexible platform

Designed as a multi-purpose platform, DEFINA supports varying specialties such as GI, EUS, Pulmonology and ENT, optimizing a hospital’s investment and workflow.

3. Upgradeable capabilities

The High-Definition image can be enhanced with i-scan technology to support detection, demarcation, and characterization.

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Advanced Solutions

The DEFINA EPK-3000 is a versatile endoscopic solution, offering the unique ability to upgrade the system from the light version of DEFINA to DEFINA with i-scan. The upgrade allows you to enter the world of High-Definition enhanced with i-scan to ensure optimized diagnosis results.

Enhance your clinical outcomes with i-scan

i-scan is a digital image enhancement endoscopy technology and a virtual endoscopy tool. Easily operated with just the touch of a button, it offers rapid imaging results and real-time processing. Based on proven clinical studies and feedback from key industry opinion leaders, the HD imaging combined with i-scan technology offers significant advantages: it improves the ability to detect, characterize, and demarcate suspicious lesions in the lower and upper GI, and helps to provide targeted intervention at an early stage.

Tailor your i-scan setting to your clinical needs

Technology with proven results

Clinical studies have already shown that i-scan technology can significantly improve:
• Adenoma detection rate (ADR), especially of colon polyps located in the right colon, namely the flat and depressed adenoma and serrated polyps.1), 2)
• i-scan supports better prediction of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).3)
• In gastroesophageal refl ux disease (GERD) i-scan is able to detect minimal changes and accurately characterize the identifi ed lesions (infl ammation vs. neoplasia) during ongoing endoscopy.4)
• In Barrets’ oesophagus, i-scan improves dysplasia detection, which is superior to random biopsies.5)

i-scan website
Enter the i-scan world and exchange and expand your i-scan knowledge

Knowledge is power
i-scan certification

The i-scan certifi cation has the aim to empower the clinical team to fully utilize i-scan in routine practice, fully leveraging on its proven benefi ts. With every upgraded DEFINA EPK-3000 video processor installation, your clinical team gets access to a comprehensive i-scan training platform, comprising self-training modules on i-scan classifi cations, tutorial videos and webinars. This platform stores a record of your progress and automatically informs you when new learning content is available.

After completion of the i-scan online training module, an i-scan certifi cation will be issued by the i-scan task force to attest your i-scan knowledge.

A range that meets all needs
The 90k and Kp endoscope series

PENTAX Medical offers two endoscope series and a range of models to ensure that all types of medical facilities and their patients can benefit from the latest HD endoscopy technology.