Pouria Fattahi
Share Value 44%
Mehdi Tavakolian Rad
Share Value 37%
Qasem Mohebbaty
Share Value 19%


Pouria Fattahi
Director Manager – Member of the Board
Qasem Mohebbati
Chairman of the Board
Mehdi Tavakolian Rad
Deputy Chairman of the Board

Teb Dakheli Pishro Company –TDP Co.-, with 40 years of experience, started its activities as an importer of medical equipment, tools and consumables. Using the top consultants of engineering, research and development systems, information technology and technical knowledge in various fields and using human resources and scientific marketing with nearly 40 years of experience, this company is always trying to keep pace with technology. Move around the world and transfer the technical knowledge to the country, to improve the quality of treatment and community health.

In order to communicate with the customer and fulfill the customer-oriented slogan, by investing in human resources and designing the right methods and processes, we create a suitable platform for transferring the customer’s voice to different levels of the organization and consider ourselves responsible.

Due to its competencies and competitive advantages, TDP Co. has succeeded in obtaining representation in the fields of gastroenterology, pulmonology, anesthesia, gynecology, urology, endoscopy, and surgery, and has succeeded in obtaining representation from reputable international companies such as Pentax from Japan which is one of the most prestigious and largest medical equipment manufacturing company in the world.

Other business partners include “Intelligent Endoscopy” from USA, FibroTouch, Laborie, and MedWork, which have the latest technologies in the field of medical equipment manufacturing.

TDP Co., by obtaining the international certificate of ISO 13485 quality management system, has always tried to benefit from new management systems in providing its services to customers and to take a step towards continuous improvement.
Close cooperation with specialists from medical centers and universities of medical sciences inside and outside the country, holding conferences and medical congresses, as well as holding training workshops are among the services of TDP Co. in order to fulfill social responsibilities.

The company’s management, while benefiting from continuous experience and variety of products and services provided during the fruitful period of its life, has been able to develop quantitative and qualitative activities and focus on continuous improvement of performance and customer satisfaction, in addition to the company’s physical expansion. It has a special place in providing knowledge and services in the field of medical equipment and has a special place among colleagues and competitors; it confirms the ability and familiarity of the company’s managers and specialists with the latest and advanced knowledge and information, including operational procedures and international standards.

TDP Co. is responsible for providing after-sales service and warranty for imported devices by using specialized personnel with suitable facilities and space in the technical service unit.

Our vision is to have a value-based organization, and to provide customer-centric solutions to the highest standards. Our work does not begin and end with the implementation of the customer project. Our vision is to be a first-class company, and at the heart of this vision lies the core concept of responsibility. In TDP Co., we believe that we are responsible for our customers, our employees and our community. Our ultimate goal is to share our knowledge and expertise in order to improve the health of our community.

The mission of TDP Co., in the company and the community, according to the values of the company and its perspective, as well as the needs of the community and teamwork, is to achieve economic and spiritual benefits in line with customer rights and provide quality services through:

– Accept work and personal challenges and provide solutions
– Raising knowledge and achieving what you don’t have
– Being in the right place based on the skills and knowledge to:
“Enhancing the lives of the people that we are in contact with.”

1. The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. This principle is very simple, effective and important and can be applied in the workplace, family and community.
2. Unity of a single and uniform view: The existence of the unity of the same view by the members of the company and moving towards a single goal ensures the success of the company, creating collective power and achieving the set goals.
3. Joint structure with the family: The structure of the company is based on the family, and the values of the family and the work environment such as trust, respect, cooperation, loyalty and love are similar and the same.
4. Structure of success and leadership: The growth of quality and leadership in each member and providing a suitable platform to encourage and stimulate people’s creativity will lead to the success and progress of the company.
5. Permanent and continuous training: Permanent and continuous training is another valuable axis of the company and is effective for personal development and improving quality and efficiency in both family and workplace.
6. Members as the most valuable asset: commitment, loyalty, skills, experience, and members’ willingness to engage in day-to-day activities and future positions are more valuable than any other tool or asset to the company.
7. No limits for creativity: The company values the creativity and innovation of its members and does not place any restrictions on it and focuses on thinking of people outside the usual frameworks.