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Teb Dakheli Pishro Company –TDP Co.-, with 40 years of experience, started its activities as an importer of medical equipment, tools and consumables. Using the top consultants of engineering, research and development systems, information technology and technical knowledge in various fields and using human resources and scientific marketing with nearly 40 years of experience, this company is always trying to keep pace with technology.

In order to increase the concentration on each field of products, Teb Dakheli Pishro Eng. Co, decided to establish some subsidiaries, focusing on the different medical divisions. That why the main sister company, Takin Diaco Pishro (TDP Co. Ltd.) was founded in November 2020 and all the responsibility of GI related portfolio has been legally transferred to it, Move around the world and transfer the technical knowledge to the country, to improve the quality of treatment and community health..